Frequently Asked Questions About Excelsior Law Firm's Affordable Legal Services

The Process

​Q. What is the process involved in estate planning?

​A. Attorney Courtney Sebo will meet with you in person to discuss your estate-planning needs. Courtney will spend as much time as necessary to learn about your specific needs and interests in order to recommend the appropriate plan for each individual client. She will then communicate with you in order to create a first draft of your estate plan. She will work with you and answer any and all questions relating to your plan. Sometimes, two or three drafts of estate documents are required before the plan is finalized. Courtney will then meet with you to finalize the documents.  Courtney is available every step of the way to answer your questions and help you develop the most appropriate plan.


​Q.  What is probate?
A.  Visit the website of the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General for a description of the basics of probate, wills, trusts, and many estate-planning concepts. You can visit the website here: The Office of the Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson. Please also visit the Excelsior Law Firm Blog in order to learn more about specific areas of probate.

​Q. What do you charge for your services?
​A. Fees vary based upon the services provided.  The firm's fees are reasonable and competitive. Attorney Courtney Sebo personally handles each and every file and is respectful of the constraints placed upon clients' budgets. Please feel free to contact Courtney for a free consultation and to discuss the fees charged for services.  Courtney charges a flat rate for estate planning services. She charges an hourly rate for litigation matters. Some insurance matters may be considered on a contingent-fee basis.  Excelsior Law Firm, L.L.C. offers excellent and affordable legal services.

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Q.  Does the firm provide services for blended families interested in estate planning?

A.  Courtney prides herself in providing comprehensive estate-planning services for blended families, including couples on subsequent marriages and with children from previous relationships.  Often times individuals in blended families do not realize that their estate-planning needs are unique.  They attempt to develop an estate plan or rely upon an estate plan that is customized for couples on their first marriages with children they share.  These plans may not satisfy the needs of these types of couples.  Courtney walks blended families through the process and addresses their unique needs in a comprehensive and sensitive estate plan. Courtney's understanding of the complexities of blended families helps her provide authoritative and supportive counsel to complex estate-plan issues.

Online Resources

Q.  Are there any online resources for drafting estate-planning documents on my own?

A.  There are many resources available online for drafting estate-planning documents.  If you are interested in drafting a living will online, for instance, click on the following link: FindLaw. Please feel free to contact Excelsior Law Firm, L.L.C. with any questions or to receive a free consultation.  Courtney often makes house calls, working with clients in their homes for their ease and comfort.

Excelsior Law Blog

Q.  Where can I find further information regarding estate planning?

A.  Please visit the Excelsior Law Blog, where there is an abundance of information regarding many aspects of the estate planning process.  The Blog includes a discussion of whether a will or a living trust is right for you.  The Blog also advises how to encourage a loved one to engage in the important estate-planning process.  Please also visit the Blog's Blended posts for a discussion of resources for blended families.