Courtney wants clients to feel control over their futures as well as peace of mind and security. She offers free consultations, discounted rates and reasonable pricing. Courtney is respectful of her clients' time and budgets.


Courtney focuses her practice on estate planning, probate and civil litigation. She provides excellent community legal services at Excelsior Law Firm in the cities of Excelsior and Rochester, Minnesota. Courtney values and appreciates her clients and treats every client with respect.

Estate planning in Rochester, probate in Rochester, and estate planning in Excelsior includes wills, trusts, health care directives, powers of attorney, deeds, settlement agreements, contracts, antenuptial agreements (prenups), litigation -- both large and small businesses and individuals.

Disclaimer:  Excelsior Law Firm is not affiliated with the City of Excelsior or any other government agency, including any public legal aid agency or organization.

Estate Planning in Rochester and Excelsior: Attorney Courtney Sebo is now a member of the law firm of Wendland Utz.  Courtney continues to take clients in Rochester and Excelsior through her work with Wendland Utz.  She offers competitive rates and excellent service backed by the expertise of the established firm of Wendland Utz.

"Drafting wills was something that my husband and I always put off, but after two kids we realized we couldn't do that any longer. Courtney guided us through the process, making it straightforward and very affordable."     -- Anna V.

​"Working with Courtney made the estate planning process simple and stress-free. Thanks to her, we now have the peace of mind that the ones we care about most will be taken care of in the future."

-- Jayme P.

Courtney wants clients to feel involved in the process.  She wants clients to walk out of her office with a plan and an understanding of that plan. Courtney leverages her experience to protect clients' families and assets by anticipating every possible outcome and every potential need.

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Business Counseling and Litigation 
Courtney lives to help others.  She is an experienced litigator and estate planner.  Courtney is a hands-on and accessible attorney.  Please learn more about Wendland Utz at www.wendlaw.com.  Courtney's bio will appear on that site shortly.

Excelsior [ek-sel​-si-ohr]

adjective, Latin

1. Ever Upward

Courtney will work for you by:
  • Helping you feel empowered and in control;
  • Protecting your assets and families - in an estate plan, probate court, or litigation;
  • Zealously representing your interests.