A Fundraiser in Honor of Tom Sebo

The cabaret was a huge success!  Excelsior Law Firm is committed to helping Sonia and Eric find a cure for Prion Disease.  We are excited to host another fundraising event.  Look for details -- coming soon!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Doors open at 6:00 p.m.      Show starts at 7:00 p.m.

$ 30 per ticket

$ 60 for VIP tickets

​Hell's Kitchen

80 S. Ninth Street      Minneapolis, MN 55402


Purchase tickets at ​​www.eventbrite.com

My father, Thomas Sebo, was a brilliant, loving, and generous man.  My family and do not want his death to overshadow his life.

Born in a small town in rural Illinois to Walter and Doris Sebo, he was the youngest of three children.  He was the only boy and was beloved by his older sisters, Renee and Adele.

My father was a avid and talented baseball player in his youth.  He spent his high school and college years playing baseball, until medicine called him.  He went to Southern Illinois University and obtained a Ph.D. in molecular biology.  He then proceeded to obtain his M.D. from Southern Illinois University.

While in graduate school, my parents had me and my brother.  We are lucky to have been the product of young parents because we had so much more time with our father.  We also grew up with our parents and watched our father rise to great heights.  We traveled with him throughout the Midwest as he went from school to a fellowship to his career at Mayo.  We were always so proud of him, and continue to be.

He became a physician at the Mayo Clinic.  He was a Surgical Pathologist in Mayo's Anatomic Pathology Department.  He was a highly respected member of the Mayo team.  His focus was always on his patients.  He worked extremely hard in his position as a doctor diagnosing cancer.  He had an enviable reputation and was world-renowned for his work.  He saved and extended countless lives.

Aside from his career, he was a hysterical, goofy, loving, kind, and extremely generous father, husband, and grandfather.  He loved movies, he loved good food, and he loved his family.  He meant so much to so many people.  We miss his smile, his laughter, and his humor.

Come to the Cabaret!

Enjoy stunning performances by some of the Twin Cities' most talented performers, including...

Kersten Rodau *        Emily  Rose Skinner*

Angela Walberg    Tiffany Seymour

Clayton and Karen Jensen

Joseph Holmers​     Denise Tabe

Patrick Morgan

Greg Angel      Steve Grisdale

*Members of Actor's Equity Union

Please support our partner Go-Gratitude by purchasing a beautiful gratitude bracelet!  Thirty percent of all purchases will go to our fundraising efforts!  Buy a bracelet here: www.go-gratitude.com/prion-alliance

As you know, I lost my father in March of this year.  The disease that took his life was a very rare disease called a Prion Disease.  It is so rare that there isn’t much research being done to find a cure.  Though rare, the disease has had a profound and painful impact upon my family and me.
 So I decided to take matters into my own hands!  Join me in listening to some of the Twin Cities’ best performers.  When it is cold outside, we will be cozy, sipping red wine and craft beer, enjoying delicious food, and listening to great music performed by amazingly talented artists.  You will leave feeling uplifted and inspired.  And best yet, you will be supporting my family and me in fighting this disease.

VIP tickets include one drink, one appetizer, one raffle ticket, and premium seating.  Raffle tickets will enter you for a chance to win exciting prizes, such as gorgeous gift baskets full of premier wine, exciting travel opportunities, and much, much more!

If you cannot attend the cabaret, there are many ways you can help me.

Please consider donating.  You can contact me directly for donation opportunities.

You can also sponsor the cabaret.  Please contact me directly to sponsor the cabaret.

You can spread the word about this exciting event and this terrible disease.  Please know that every little bit of your attention will go a long way to finding a cure for Prion Diseases.


I am thrilled to donate all proceeds from this event to Prion Alliance.  The Prion Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization run by Sonia Vallabh and Eric Minikel.  After their storybook wedding in 2010, Sophia's mother died of a Prion Disease.  One year later, Sonia discovered that she has the gene for Prion Disease.  Sonia and Eric quit their jobs, became Ph.D. students at Harvard, and are devoting their careers to finding a cure for this terrible disease.  To learn more about Sonia and Eric's fight, please visit www.prionalliance.org.  Make sure to watch their interview on CBS Sunday Morning (www.cbsnews.com/videos) and read about Sonia's visit with President Obama to speak with him about fighting this disease.

Sponsorship opportunities are a great way for companies and individuals to network with and market to cabaret attendees.  The cabaret will be a fun and engaging experience and will provide companies with great marketing exposure.  All sponsorship is considered a donation and is a tax write-off for businesses.  Please contact me directly for further information on sponsorship opportunities.